رسالة: T-S AS 167.243 + T-S AS 167.155

رسالة T-S AS 167.243 + T-S AS 167.155



Letter fragments. In Judaeo-Arabic, with a few words in vocalized Hebrew. Addressed to 'my son.' The sender reports that the late ḥaver (mawlāy al-ḥaver, may his memory be blessed) acted generously with the sender when he returned from his travels. However the teacher in Bilbays disagreed with what he did for the sender and antagonized him. On verso refers to a dispute over teaching and the addressee's previous promise to the sender, and requests the issuing of an order (כרוג אמרה) from a higher authority (the Nagid?), because the ḥaver honors whatever "sayyidnā" tells him to do. In parts of the letter it sounds like the ḥaver is still alive, so perhaps the sender is using זצל improperly.