قائمة/جدول: T-S Ar.30.25

قائمة/جدول T-S Ar.30.25

تاريخ الإدخال

في PGP منذ 2019


Synagogue accounts. Dating: 18th or 19th century. Probably headed Seder Balaq rather than Seder Kalla (as the Baker/Polliack catalog has it). List of names and numbers, some associated with honors in the synagogue service (e.g., 9 — haftara — Shelomo Ashkenazi). Other names are al-Shaykh; Yosef b. Yoqer; Eliyyahu Condiote; Shemuel(?) Fuerte. On verso there are more accounts in Judaeo-Arabic, mainly listing foods: almonds, hazelnuts, chard, fava beans.