رسالة: T-S 12.203

رسالة T-S 12.203



Letter from Maimonides to his brother (presumably David, who died at sea not long after the brothers' 1167 arrival in Egypt). Not in the handwriting of Maimonides, but possibly bearing his autograph signature ("The signature does not quite correspond to any of the known specimens, but we must remember that we have here an early signature, from the early thirties of Maimonides' life, whereas the others date from later periods."). "God, may He be exalted, knows the sorrow and the loneliness which are in my heart because of the separation from my brother by my father and mother and tender friend, may God spare me the evils which may befall him, and join us again in Old Cairo, if God wills. I write to let you know that I am very well. Moses, the son of Rabbi Maymun, the memory of the righteous for blessing." The text of the letter is surrounded by apparently unrelated jottings in Hebrew, Arabic, and Judaeo-Arabic. ASE. (Information from Stern)