رسالة: CUL Or.1080 J120

رسالة CUL Or.1080 J120


Letter from Elazar b. Shem[uel?], unknown location, to his 'brother' Abū l-Faraj ʿImrān b. Ḥasan, in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. Deals mainly with matters of correspondence—who received which letter when, someone who wrote a letter in Hebrew (characters?), whether the writer will write a letter to the Levant (he will not, until "a certain date"). The writer sends greetings (and a rebuke) to Abū l-Najm Hilāl and greetings to R. Yaʿīsh al-Kohen and his son and to all the parnasim (maybe the son is the parnas ʿEli b. Ḥayyim = ʿAllūn b. Yaʿīsh of the late 11th c?). Needs further examination