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    LetterT-S 13J26.22

    Letter from Abū l-Manṣūr b. Ṭāhir al-Kohen, in Alexandria, to the Abū ʿAlī Manṣūr b. Yiṣḥaq al-Dimashqī, in Fustat. Dating: 1170s CE. The addressee was …

    ‏ בשמ' רחמ' ‎ 1
    ‏ אלדי נעלם בה חצרה מולאי וסידי אלשיך אלאגל אבן אלמנצור ‎ 2
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    State documentBL OR 5552.2–2a

    State document, Fatimid period. Dated: 4 Rajab 523H, which is 23 June 1129 CE. Reporting that two trustworthy witnesses from Alexandria had given testimony, and …

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    State documentENA 684.2

    Decree to a lower official commanding him to retrieve bricks and everything belonging to the government from a certain location (a ruined mosque?); and from …

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