Legal document: ENA 2123.5

Legal document ENA 2123.5



Responsum in Hebrew and Aramaic autographed by R. Yahuda Masʿūd. The responsum deals with a sarraflik partnership agreement connected to tax collections in one of the districts of Egypt, that according to one of the partners was forced upon him. Reuven, who was a close associate of the ruler of Egypt, recieved from him an appointment to collect taxes. After a year, the head of the district decided to appoint one of his assistance, Shimon, to the same position held by Reuven. Shimon was affraid that Reuven will cancel his appointement so he offerd him to sign a partnership contract and share half of his revenue with him. Reuven agreed and released himself from the position. The time has come and Reuven asked Shimon for his share in the profits. Shimon alienate himself claiming that he was forced to sign the contract because Reuven treatened him and forced him to sign. Reuven denied he forced him and claimed that the agrrement is valid. Published by Glick, שרידי תשובות מחכמי האימפריה העות'מאנית p. 326-323

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