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    טקסט ספרותיT-S AS 177.67

    Literary tale in Arabic script, containing a racy story involving an old woman as go-between who proposes that "I'll take the man to a dark …

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    סמי ספרותיT-S Ar.34.268

    Magical instructions, probably. Involving sex with a woman (fulāna bt. fulāna, ll.5–6). Needs further examination.

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    סמי ספרותיT-S NS J479

    Both sides of this folio are filled with miscellaneous jottings mainly in Judaeo-Arabic written in an idiosyncratic (unique?) cipher. Dating: no earlier than mid-13th century, …

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    מסמך משפטיT-S K6.154

    Ownership inscription of a book that belonged to Mevasser b. Yeshuʿa ha-Levi. The book was then purchased by Nadiv b. Saʿadya ha-Levi in 1469 of …


    1. קאל אלשיך אבו אלכיר שצ פי בעץ קולה לי ולאב שצ אן אלשיך אבי מנצור //כאן// יעתקד
    2. פי ואלדכם מתל מכשוף אלראס אלכומר ואלסאעה פקד צלח חאלה ען מא כאן ‮…

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    מכתבENA 4100.10

    Letter addressed to ʿAbd al-Karīm. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Late, probably 14th century at the earliest. The writer and addressee are Qaraites. Very long. Conveys information …

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    מכתבBL OR 5566B.1

    Family letter. In Arabic script. Maybe from a man in serious trouble with his wife, writing to his son who appeased or reached a settlement …


    1. ما(؟) حيث(؟) صالحت ستك السحاقة الذي ما رضيت مجي[ء] اليك حتى

    2. انفذت تسالها وسالتها قبحت عليها ست علم وغيرها يصوم (؟) تحتا . (؟)

    3. انفذ لنا ف‮…

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