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    מכתבT-S Ar.30.86

    Fragment of a Judaeo-Arabic letter, probably early 13th century. Topics include: the arrival of Hilāl and his maternal uncle; a dispute over 900 dirhams, leading …

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    מכתבAIU XII.104

    Difficult-to-read and very brief Arabic document, containing the common but mysterious glyph لے at the top of recto and phrases such as "mamlūkuhu", 'li l-sharṭ' …

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    מכתבBL OR 10578B.1 + T-S 8J15.28

    Description from BL OR 10578B.1: Letter from Maʿānī, in an unknown location, to his brother Mūsā, in Fustat. The letter is in Judaeo-Arabic with the …


    1. ב
    2. אכוה מעאני
    3. אלדי אערף בה אכי אלעזיז אטאל אללה בקאה
    4. וגמע שמלי בה קריב אן שא אללה וסוא דלך
    5. בחק אללבן אלדי אתראצענאה ואלבטן
    6. אלדי חמלנא ובחק . ב‮…

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