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    מסמך שלטוניT-S NS 301.2

    Report. In Arabic script. Headed: al-ʿizza lillāh waḥdahū. Might be a draft, since there are some extra jottings in the same hand around the first …

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    מכתבT-S AS 146.164

    Small fragment of a certificate or possibly a letter concerning the licensing of an ophthalmologist: "[X and Av?]raham testify in his favor that he is …


    1. . . . אב(?)]רהם ישהדו לה
    2. אנ]ה אהלא ללתצ[רף(?) ו]למדאו/א/ה
    3. אמראץ אלעין וכט אלקאצי
    4. אלאגל פתח אלדין משארף
    5. אלאטבא [[אלמתקדם]] ואצחאבה

    Recto, ri‮…

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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
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    מכתבT-S Ar.41.9

    Letter in Arabic script from Naṣrallāh (he begins the letter "mamlūkuhu akhūhu Naṣrallāh," line 2) to his brother Sharaf al-Dīn (line 3). The writer seems …

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