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    מסמך משפטיAIU VII.A.42

    Legal testimonies. In Hebrew. Dated: perhaps 5408 AM (recto) and 5411 AM (verso), but these are not completely clear. In any case, the approximate dates …

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    מסמך משפטיT-S NS 31.9

    Legal fragment. In the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. Involving conflict (shurūr wa-taʿab), two women who have been killed, a settlement of the conflict, and …

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    מסמך שלטוניT-S Ar.42.158

    State document. Petition to the caliph al-Mustanṣir regarding a murder on a boat. The son of the petitioner was traveling with a young fellow-merchant from …


    1. بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    2. صلوات الله وبركاته ونوامى زكواته وافضل تحياته على مولانا وسيدنا الامام المستنصر بالله

    3. أمير المومنين صلوات الله ‮…

    1. In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate.

    2. The benedictions of God and his blessings, his increasing benefactions and most excellent gr‮…

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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
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    מסמך משפטיT-S 8.111

    Court record of a testimony in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe concerning a dispute among the heirs of a murdered woman named Sitt al-Husn. …


    1. שהדותא דהות באנפנא אנן חתומי מטה כן הוה למא קצא אלכאלק סבחאנה עלי
    2. סת אלבית בת מבורך החזן נע אלתי הי אבנה אכת אלחזן אבו מנצור רצי אללה ענה
    3. וע‮…

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