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    מסמך שלטוניENA NS 71.8

    Petition to a higher official from a military general or army veteran based on "ṣibyān al-khāṣṣ". The petitioner says he comes from the class of …

    1. كـ]ـان من احد المماليك صبيان الخاص وهو المخلص سيف الـ[ـدولة
    2. ـ]ـك واعبائهم مشهور بالنهضة والشجاعة والفروسية مستحق[

    3. ]في امره [  ] احضر تحته فرس مل‮…


    1. He is among the army knights of the illustrious Sayf al-Dawla
    2. ] they are known for their zeal in service, bravery and horsemanship capable of‮…

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