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    מסמך משפטיBodl. MS heb. e 103/10 + Bodl. MS heb. e 103/11 + Bodl. MS heb. e 103/12

    Booklist in Ladino. On the last page of a literary midrashic work in Hebrew. "These are the books I bought here in Patras (Greece), it …

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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
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    מכתבBodl. MS heb. c 72/18

    Letter from Yiṣḥaq bayt ʿAṭṭān, in Syracuse, to Moshe b. Yehuda, in Alexandria. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Last quarter of the 15th century. Contains a colorful …

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    הצגת פרטי מסמך