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תוצאה אחת

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    מכתבT-S NS 320.42

    Letter from Avraham the son of the Gaon to Sahlān b. Avraham. (Identifications by Gil; whereas Goitein says that it is written in the "unmistakable …


    1. عليها وقوف اﻻجوبه عنها وكتابي هذا يقتضي شرح جميع [ما جر]ى [وهو ان]
    2. قبل راس السنة بيومين وصل اب بيت دين والمغاربه ولما كان في راس السنة لم يكن‮…


    1. .... This letter of mine comprises an account of all that happened.
    2. The president of the court and the Maghrebis arrived two days before the ‮…

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