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    רשימה או טבלהJRL SERIES B 3701

    Substantial, late acccount in Judaeo-Arabic, at least one part of which is headed "list of debts." People named include: Avraham Yerushalmi; Yehuda Leon; Yeshūʿa al-Ḥāmī; …

    אין רשומות קשורות


    • 1+2 / 2 leaves conjoined, recto
    • 1+2 / 2 leaves conjoined, verso
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
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    מכתבBodl. MS heb. b 11/16

    Late letter that begins in Hebrew and transitions into Judaeo-Arabic from an unidentified merchant to Yosef Muḥibb. He writes that he traveled this year to …

    תעתוק אחד


    • 16 recto
    • 16 verso
    הצגת פרטי מסמך