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4579 תוצאות

  1. 4501

    מכתבCUL Or.1080 J113

    A letter with Abu l-Ḥasan arrived with the news that you are sick, and we were pained on your account, myself and the mother. As for Tawus and Mas'udah, they did not greet us (?).

    1. יגמע אלשמל בה קריב גיר בעיד פי כיר ועאפיה
    2. אן קד וצל כתאבך מע אבן אלגלאגלי ושכרנא אללה תע
    3. עלי עאפיתך ופהמת מצמונה וקראה נגם אלדין ענדי
    4. פי אלגיזה וכת‮…

    תעתוק אחד דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  2. 4502

    מכתבJRL Series B 4089

    The verso of this copy has accounts written by Ibn Yijū (PGPID 5537). Copy 2 (first copy by the clerk): II,24 (T-S NS J1).

    JRL Series B 4089 verso

    1. .....[....................
    2. אלתמן גפד וצח וזן אלגוניה אלאכרא
    3. בהארין גיר סבעה ארטאל סער ה מ
    4. אלתמן ט פ דינ ולה מן תסלים יאקות ‮…

    תעתוק אחד


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    • 1 / 1 leaf, verso
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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  3. 4503

    מכתבT-S NS J408 + ENA 2808.6

    He asks for either an account (ḥisāb) or a calendar spanning two years. On verso, in a different hand, there are jottings of accounts in Judaeo-Arabic, along with two lines containing greetings to 'the mother Ghāliya.'

    אין רשומות קשורות


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  4. 4504

    מכתבENA 3792.4

    This will be counted as a tremendous sin on my account." She reiterates several times that he must come back before she perishes.


    1. מן עברתי אלדי אדא אתדכרת פל דכרך ופי א[ ]

    2. תסבק כלמתי גמיע דאלך מן קוה חסרתי ומן א[ ]

    3. אלשדיד ואשתיאקד אלבעיד פי בלד ל[א לה] [ו]ל[א] קריב ‮…

    תעתוק אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  5. 4505

    מכתבT-S Ar.53.37

    This is apart from the grave danger of the travel itself and his anxiety on account of his old age and his wife—even though she herself would love to travel.

    Page B

    1. מע צביה [[נ]] צגירה ולהא חט ואיצא אליהוד מא
    2. יתחשוני ומא ענדי שי נכרג בה אליכם ואנא פי
    3. ג נפוס ואכשא אן נתקל עליכם ואכתר מא
    4. בשרתמוני אנכם מא ת‮…

    תעתוק אחד דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  6. 4506

    מכתבBodl. MS heb. d 66/5

    Letter from Yehuda b. Moshe ibn Sighmār, in Alexandria, to ʿEli ha-Kohen b. Yaḥyā (aka Ḥayyim) the parnas, in Fustat. Yehuda explains the problems he …

    1. ענדי מן אלשוק אלי מולאי אלפרנס אלנאמן אטאל אללה בקאה
    2. ואדאם עזה ונעמאה וכבת אעדאה מא יעלמה אלכאלק עז וגל
    3. ואלכאלק סבחאנה יקרב אסבאב אלאגתמאע קריבא בר‮…
  7. ...Then he said: “I will carry
  8. what  is on your own personal account to the Maghreb.” [I] w[rote] to him to  turn over what is on my personal account
  9. to the son of my brother.
  10. 3 תעתוקים דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  11. 4507

    מכתבT-S 8J21.10

    Letter from Avraham Ibn Yiju, in Aydhab, probably around 1152, while on his way to Egypt. The letter reveals the distrust between associates and the …

    1. בשֹ רחֹ
    2. כי יי יהיה בכסלך ושמר רגלך מלכד ותֹגֹזר אומר וֹיֹקם לֹך וגמֹ
    3. כתאבי אלי מולאי וסיידי אלשיך אלאגֹל אטאל אללה בקאה ואדאם נעמאה
    4. ען חאל סלאמה וע‮…
  12. ...I have heard that you had mentioned that I owe you the balance
  13. of an account and that the smaller packages left in the warehouse do not cover the sum. Your account,
  14. my lord, is this: I owe you five dirhems, no more no less!
  15. 2 תעתוקים תרגום אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  16. 4508

    מסמך משפטיBodl. MS heb. c 28/11

    Legal document, Sunday 3 Adar II 4845 A.M. (1085), Alexandria. Yehuda b. Moshe b. Sighmar appoints Eli ha-Kohen b. Hayyim (=b. Yahya) as his agent …


    1. שהדותא דהות באנפנא אנן שהדי דחתמות ידנא לתתא בכתבא דנן כן הוה חצ'ר אלינא כ'ג'ק'
    2. מר' ור' יהודה בחיר הישיבה ביר' משה נ'ע' הנודע בן סגמאר והו פי‮…
    Then I received another letter of his saying: ‘I am going to carry  what is on your own personal account to the Maghrib.’ Afterwards he travelled to the Maghrib twice.

    (14-15) I asked him to hand over what was on my own personal account to the son of my brother, but he did not pay him a thing.

    3 תעתוקים דיון אחד


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    • 11 verso
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  17. 4509

    מכתבDK 327 + DK 327 (alt: 13)

    Letter from Samḥūn b. Dāwūd ibn al-Siqillī (Qayrawān) to Yosef b. Yaʿaqov b. ʿAwkal (Fustat). The letter deals with a conflict between the sender and …


    1. כתאבי יאשיכי וסידי וריסי אלעזיז עלי אטאל אללה בקאך ואדאם א[יא]ם סלאמתך רציאנתך 
    2. לז' בקין מן אלול ען חאל סלאמה ועאפיה ו[א]ל[חמד] לל[ה] כתירא [‮…

    Kindest personal regards to my master, the elder, and to his two sons Hillel and Benjamin, may God protect and keep them.

    Margin: I copied for you from my account book the account for the sale of the silk, and the expenses involved from beginning to end, including a description of each item and showing how it was sold without any loss for you.

    4 תעתוקים תרגום אחד 2 דיונים


    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  18. 4510

    מסמך משפטיT-S 16.87 + ENA NS 18.22

    Legal document. Record of release. Dating: March 1097. Written in the hand of Hillel b. Eli. This fragment seems to be the continuation a document, …


    1. […] all that […]
    2. [… from] now on, since no (claim) r[emains for me with him]
    3. [nor in his possession nor on his behalf, any claim whatsoever, nor any matter whatsoever, neither a dirham nor a dinar, n]either gold nor silver, [neither]
    4. [jewelry nor silk, neither cop]per nor tin nor lead, neither merchandise nor an item of trade, neither a partnership (shirka) nor a commenda (muḍāraba), neither clothing
    5. […] nor a deposit which we have deposited for someone else nor a deposit which someone else deposited for us, neither an account nor the remainder of an account
    6. [neither capital] nor a remainder, neither profit nor loss, neither a legal document in Jewish law nor a document in gentile law
    7. [… no]r any other thing which one could possess or utilize under the Heavens, whether small or great,
    8. [magnificent or lowly, from the value of a farthing or more, neither] a debt nor a judgment nor nor a dispute nor an account nor an (oral) statement (of debt), nor debate nor controversy nor acquittal nor complaint nor quarrel nor
    9. [a claim nor a challenge nor an oa]th nor a rider oath nor a pronouncement, even ḥerem setam.

    2 תעתוקים דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  19. 4511

    מסמך משפטיT-S 18J1.13

    Legal document. Record of release. Dated 1085. Location: Alexandria. This document is a largely-complete release signed and executed by well-known members of the rabbinical court …

    1. שהדותא דהות באנפנא אנן [שהדי דחתמות ידנא לתחתא סוף שטרא]
    2. דנן כן הוה חצר אלינא מ יוסף בר שמו[אל. . . . . . . . . . . והו פי צחה
    3. עקלה ובדנה וגואז אמר‮…
    Phineas (who) r(ests in) E(den), in order that he would have in his hand proof and a legal claim [from now] on
  20. that I have no claim to anything which he has, nor anything in his possession, nor anything to which he can lay claim, nor a demand of any sort,
  21. nor a legal claim of any sort, neither dinar nor dirham, neither gold nor silver, neither smithed
  22. nor raw, neither anklets nor black clothing, neither clothing nor cloth, neither appliance nor instrument,
  23. neither equipment nor material, neither merchandise nor goods, neither a partnership (shirka) nor a joint investment (khulṭa), neither deposit
  24. nor pledge, neither loan nor commenda, neither rental nor lease, neither wages nor deposit,
  25. neither dispatch nor directive, neither loan nor responsibility, neither account nor remainder of account nor error
  26. in accounting, nor anything under all the Heavens which one could possess and by which one could become wealthy, whether real estate
  27. or movable property.
  28. תעתוק אחד


    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  29. 4512

    מסמך משפטיT-S 16.11

    Legal document. Record of release. This document describes the termination of a partnership and a release from Efrayim b. Ḥalfon Ibn Zaffān, upon the apparent …

    1. ארבעין [. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    2. דידיע באבן זפאן אד כאן [. . . . . . . . . .‮…
    Moses, m(ay his) s(oul find rest), nor in that which proceeded between me and them in
  30. their own possessions from the beginning of time up till now, since nothing remains with me on their part, nor is there on the part of
  31. their heirs any sort of claim, neither a legacy, nor a dinar nor a dirham nor merchandise
  32. nor a guarantee nor a security, nor an account nor an accounting error nor the remainder of an account, nor a legal judgment, nor anything whatsoever from
  33. all matters which people may possess under all the Heavens equivalent to or greater than a farthing.
  34. תעתוק אחד דיון אחד

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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  35. 4513

    מכתבT-S 6J4.16

    Letter from Shelomo ha-Melammed (=Shelomo b. Eliyyahu) to the teacher Abū l-ʿIzz. In Judaeo-Arabic. Concerning money owed. Mentions Abū l-Munā and Ibn al-Dihqān. (Information in …

    Please be beneficent with that which God has given to you or accredit my account with your brother for what I owe him. May your welfare increase and not diminish. N(eṣaḥ) s(ela).


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  36. 4514

    מסמך משפטיT-S AS 177.591

    Draft of the beginning of an Arabic letter to a judge. See separate entry for verso. (Information from CUDL)

    Registration mark on left

    1. Let it be registered in [the office of accounts],

    2. if God wills.

    3. They have registered the amount of two, a third and an eighth.


    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  37. 4515

    מכתבT-S 13J20.15

    Letter from Ṭoviya b. ʿEli ha-Kohen to his cousin the Judge Natan b. Shelomo ha-Kohen regarding alleged arrears in a compound of the Qodesh, ca. …


    1. בשם רחם
    2. סבב הדה אלאסטר אערף הדרת
    3. רבנו יהי לעד אן וצלני כתאב הדרת
    4. הגאונות תכון תאמרני אן אסתדעי
    5. אבו אלחסן בן אלחזן ואטאלבה
    6. בכרא דאר מן דור אלקודש ‮…
    So you will set his account right and
  38. (8-11) the speedy time of (giving) the answer will spare them his reproaches.

  39. תעתוק אחד דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  40. 4516

    מכתבT-S 10J13.13

    Letter of recommendation for the bearer, a certain Yefet, an inhabitant of Fustat, who is said to be a respectable man who fell on hard …

    1. שלום עד אין קץ ואין מספר וברכות רבות כחול וכעפ[ר
    2. וברית עולם אשר לא יופר וחן מפואר והוד והדר
    3. ועטרת רצון וגיל ועלצון ואריכות ימים ומשוכות
    4. הזמן לכבוד ‮…
    Accept my personal greetings and forgive us on account of the misfortune that has stricken us by the departure of our brother, (who) r(ests in) E(den), and Sitt ʿAbd a[l-...], may God perpetuate her life, on account of her setback.

    תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  41. 4517

    מסמך שלטוניBL OR 5566B.19

    Petition from al-Ḥasan b. Abū Saʿd probably to a vizier (several of the titles are similar to those of Ṭalāʾiʿ Ibn Ruzzīk). He complains of …

    1. المملوك

    2. الحسن بن ابو سعد

    3. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    4. خلد الله تعالى ايام المجلس السامي السيدي الاجلي الناصري

    5. الـعادلي ناصر الائمة كاشف ال‮…

  42. He reports his weak state, delicate situation, and abundance of dependents and asks for a gracious
  43. benefaction in employing him in the company of the brokers of pharmaceuticals as a merchant in the dār al-wakkāla in Fusṭāṭ on account of
  44. of his experience and vigor (alt: by means of an injunction and its execution), since the (other) merchants are ruining him out of envy for his business (alt: query him on account of his expertise), and since the brokers
  45. are discouraging him from carrying out (his tasks) by means of imposed rules.
  46. 2 תעתוקים תרגום אחד דיון אחד


    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  47. 4518

    מסמך שלטוניT-S Ar.39.464

    Petition from Mubārak b. Ibrahīm Ibn Sabra to Muʿtamid al-Dawla, who seems to be a Fatimid dignitary. The sender asks for (or heavily implies that …


    1.     عبدها مبارك بن ابرهيم بن 
    2.                    سبرا 
    3.      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
    4. عبد حضرة مولاي الشيخ الاجل الكافي معتمد الدولة اطا[ل الله‮…
  48. The slave of the presence of my master, the most glorious elder, the sufficient Muʿtamid al-Dawla, may [God] prolong
  49. his life and cause to endure his support, his eminence and his strength, and crush his enemies, is full
  50. of prayers and praise for him in every gathering on account of what God, the exalted, has distinguished him with [      ]
  51. of external grace and pure disposition, esprit de corps, generosity and [       ].
  52. תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד דיון אחד

    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  53. 4519

    מסמך משפטיT-S 16.203

    Legal document. Court record. Dated: 1083-1084. Location: Fustat. Abū al-‘Alā ‘Ūlla ha-Levi b. Joseph al-Dimashqī and Abū Zikrī Yaḥyā ha-Levi b. Joseph ha-Levi dispute the …


    1. . . . . . . . . . . .] אנן בית דין הקבוע בפסטאט מצרים והזקנים החתומים למטה .[. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    2. . . . . . . . . . . ‮…
    Joseph ha-Levi (who) r(ests in) E(den), with many claims, claiming (that there were ) many commendas, and consignments, and partnerships (mushārakāt), and accounts //from a number of voyages, among them to [D]amietta and A[lexandria], and lands of the Maghreb, and others//
  54. between the two of them there are debts //also profit between the two of them therein// written and unwritten and many disputes proceeded //therein// […] elders mediating the situation
  55. … here when he mentioned it since (there is) a written account concerning this in the hand of this M(r.)
  56. תעתוק אחד דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  57. 4520

    מסמך שלטוניT-S AS 150.3

    State document, Mamluk period, 1442. Draft of a petition from the Jewish community of Fustat to the Mamluk government concerning the malpractices of ‘Abd al-Latif …


    1. אלממאליך גמאעה אליהוד רע[ייה
    2. אלמקאם אלשריף ואלאסלאם אל[כרים
    3. יקבלו אלארץ וינהו אנהם [פי] בל[א
    4. עטים מן יום תולא [[עליהם]] עבד לטיף
    5. אלמתטבב רייס‮…

    (14-15) In addition, there occurred what occurred on account of what was found inscribed on the minbar—for which, at the very least, he should have been reproved and removed from office.

    תעתוק אחד דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  58. 4521

    מכתבBodl. MS heb. b 11/22

    Letter from Maḥrūz b. Yaʿaqov, Mangalore, to Abū Zikrī Yehuda b. Yosef ha-Kohen, Bharuch, Gujarat, ca. 1145–48. Abū Zikrī was a representative of the merchants …

    II, 55

    1. בשמ רח
    2. תרום ידך על צריך וכל אויביך יכרתו
    3. כתאבי אלי מולאי וסיידי ורייסי אלשיך
    4. אלאגל אטאל אללה בקאה ואדאם עזה
    5. וכאן לה ומעה ולי וחאפט פי גמיע א‮…
  59. ...If, my lord, you need
  60. any gold, please take it on my account from the nakhoda Tinbu,
  61. for he is staying in Tana, and between him and me there are
  62. bonds of inseparable friendship and brotherhood.
  63. תעתוק אחד 2 תרגומים


    • 22 recto
    • 22 verso
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  64. 4522

    מכתבT-S 12.383

    Letter from Yiṣḥaq b. Janūn to Yaʿaqov b. Yosef Ibn ʿAwkal and his son Yosef. Concerns shipments of wax and honey, as well as textiles. …


    1.                      בסם אללה אלרחמן אלרחים 
    2. כתאבי יא סידי ומולאי אטאל אללה בקאך ואדאם עזך וכבה(!) עדוך וגעלני
    3. מן כל סו פדאך ודונך ען סלאמה ו‮…
  65. ...Please, my lord, sell this
  66. wax and honey and the ..., and let me know the accounting and about the clothing. I send best wishes to my lord.
  67. If money comes in, send the account with it, as well as the other things, the large sacks, the locks, and ream (dast) of Damascus paper and the goods, if possible.
  68. 2 תעתוקים דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  69. 4523

    מסמך משפטיT-S 20.21

    Legal document. Record of release. Dating: April 1076. Location: Fustat. Ṣedaqa b. Muvḥar and Shemuel b. Aharon ha-Kohen al-Ṣayrafī ("the money-changer") are released from a …

    I have forgiven him from now any negligence or error which
  70. proceeded from him from the beginning of time up till now, with c[omplete] forgiveness which can nev[er be reversed], since nothing remains for me with him, and I have no rights
  71. to claim against him whatsoever, neither with respect to me nor with respect to my father; not for a dirham nor for a dinar, no less than these and no more; not regarding a
  72. partnership (shirka) or a deposit or trust nor any suspicion nor betrayal nor usurpation nor overstepping nor a bill of exchange (suftaja) nor a voucher nor an account nor (anything) in remainder
  73. therein, nor an error due to misallocation in a joint enterprise (mu‘āmala) nor an error in accounting.
  74. דיון אחד


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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  75. 4524

    מסמך משפטיT-S 28.6

    Legal document. Record of release. Abū Sa‘d Abraham ha-Kohen b. Daniel releases ʿAbdallāh ʿOvadya b. Meshullam al-Ṣūrī from their partnership in weaving. The terms of …


    1. מעשה שהיה בפנינו אנו בית דין דחתימין לתחתא חצר אלינא אברהם הכהן ביר דניאל

    2. //ועובדיה// ועבד אללה בן משלם אלצורי בעד מגלס אן תקדמ[ו אליה]א [‮…

  76. I attest before you that I have settled (my) account with him … which was with us … total […]
  77. and I have received that which is allocated to me from this stock, which is ten dinars.
  78. 2 תעתוקים 2 דיונים

    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  79. 4525

    מכתבENA 2558.30a

    The slave (= I) asks from your beneficence to send the account...." When the letter resumes in the margin, it refers to a quantity of several thousand buhārs (likely the total number of bales carried in the Kārim fleet at the time of the writing of the letter); something which is not readily found in India; and mace (basbās).

    2 תעתוקים


    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  80. 4526

    מכתבT-S 18J4.4

    Letter from Natan Ha-Kohen b. Mevorakh, Ashkelon, to Eli Ha-Kohen b. Hayyim, Fustat.

    1. בשמך רחמנא
    2. אשרי משכיל אל דל ביום רעה ימלטהו יי אשרי איש חונן ומלוה רב לכל דבריו
    3. במשפט מלוה יי חונן דל וגו הלא פרס לרעב לחמך ועניים מרודים תביא בית
    4. ‮…
  81. ...He is a good and deserving man, crowned with humility,
  82. a modest person, from a good family of noteworthy householders whose table was always set and whose houses were always wide open.
  83. However, on account of the many troubles that befell them they fell from their wealth, became poor, and were forced to turn in their need to others.
  84. 2 תעתוקים דיון אחד

    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  85. 4527

    רשימה או טבלהT-S 16.230

    Large fragmentary list of ca. 70 men; possibly people who are unable to pay the capitation tax. Many individuals are mentioned together with their brothers …

    1. . . . . . . . . . . . .]ן [. . . . . . . . . . . .
    2. בן תאבת בו אלעלא בן אלטייב עמאר
    3. בן צוצילא מפצל בן הלל מפצל
    4. אלנקוש סעיד בן שמואל ובנה
    5. מנצור בן אר‮…

    T-S 16.23

    1. whether in Jewish law or gentile law, since nothing remains for us with him, nor to [his] credit […]
    2. in all that which proceeded between him and between (our) tea(cher) and m(aster) Shela, our benefactor, (who) r(ests in) E(den,) from all rights, nor anything of
    3. any sort—neither a dinar nor a dirham, neither gold nor silver, neither silk nor copper, neither
    4. tin nor lead, neither merchandise nor an item of trade, neither a commenda (qirāḍ) nor a commenda (muḍāraba), neither capital nor remainder,
    5. neither profit nor loss, nor anything which one can possess under all the Heavens, neither
    6. a judgment nor a debt, neither a dispute nor an account nor an (oral) statement (of debt), neither debate nor controversy, neither acquittal //nor complaint nor quarrel,// neither a claim nor
    7. a challenge, neither an oath nor an rider oath nor a pronouncement, even ḥerem setam.

    תעתוק אחד דיון אחד

    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  86. 4528

    מכתבT-S 10J12.20

    Letter from Mevasser b. David in Damsis to Nahray b. Nissim in Fustat, ca. 1053. The main issue discussed in the letter is an argument …


    1. כתאבי יאסידי ומולאי אטאל אללה בקאך ואדאם סלאמתך וסעאדתך וכלאיתך מן

    2. דמסיס יום ערובה סכות אעאדה אללה עליה אעואם כתירה תזכה לביאת גואל

    3. ובני‮…

  87. ...What he said
  88. to you was that you would ask him to produce an accounting and letters and the testimony of Ibn Shaʿyā. He already
  89. wrote to me in his letters that he would demand this.
  90. 2 תעתוקים דיון אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  91. 4529

    מסמך משפטיT-S Ar.18(2).9

    Responsum concerning a problematic partnership, with an excursus on valid and invalid partnerships. (Information from CUDL)

    Left side (1)

    1. אלדי יגב אן נכתכלס פ[י ] הדא אלסואל  ה[                    ]
    2. מעני חקיקה קולהם [ די]נא דמלכותא דינא  לאננא 
    3. ראינא הדא אלסאיל קד געל דל‮…
  92. ...If he doesn’t agree to this (condition) from the outset, but has waited
  93. until the time of final accounting to subtract the day of Sabbath in the account, it is not permitted
  94. for the[ir] saying: (there were) certain saffron growers (who jointly owned a field in an arrangement according to) which a gentile
  95. took possession on sabbath and the Jew buys on sunday.
  96. תעתוק אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  97. 4530

    מכתבT-S 8J27.2

    This is not an exhaustive accounting of what's in the letter; also mentioned are the ship of al-Muʿizz, which was carrying the son of Abū Yūsuf, who perished, may God have mercy on him.


    1. אעלמך יאמולאי אן תקדם כתאבי אליך מע אלפיג תם כתבת כתאב אכר מן קבל אלמועד ולם ימצי אלפיג

    2. ובקי מעי למא כאן אכתב רקעתי הדה דפעתה ללפיג וכאן ע‮…

    3 תעתוקים


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  98. 4531

    מסמך משפטיT-S NS J392

    Legal document. Written and signed by Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. Location: Fustat. Dated: End of Shevaṭ 1439 Seleucid, which is February 1128 CE. In which a …

    Total for the partnership and me personally   4410 rubais

    Plus profit made in Demona  25 rubais

    Total 4435 rubais

    All the amounts in the following account are in rubais, or Sicilian quarter dinars.

    Bought for this:

    63 Syracusian hides, price .....

    דיון אחד

    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  99. 4532

    מכתבT-S 8J41.1

    Recto: Brief letter/petition from a person in dire straits suffering from illness and lack of clothing, and unable to buy anything to eat for the …

    1. יקבל אלארץ וינהי בין ידי אל [ . . . . . . .
    2. אלאגל [ . . . . . . . . . . ] הבחור ביקר סט
    3. אלמנעם אלמתפצל עלי עבדה וגלט.
    4. פי כל וקת ואלממלוך שאכר מן
    5. . ‮…
    May God the e[xal]ted make constant your high rank give you a peaceful end // and a loyal house // and grant that you live to see the redeemer, you and the whole house of Israel. Your slave is [experiencing] adversity on account of his being naked and ill and lacking food during the upcoming holiday. I have not even one fals (a copper coin of low value) with which to buy anything.

    תעתוק אחד דיון אחד


    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  100. 4533

    מכתבT-S NS J389

    Letter in which a man who calls himself the father of the cantor who is "sick, poor, and naked" asks a prominent physician to arrange …

    I inform you that your slave is experiencing adversity on account of sickness and dearth and lack of income, as well as nakedness. Your slave req[uests] that you give charity to your slave [and that] you collect for me a pesiqa of charity, from you and from the congrega[tion] that prays at your house.

    דיון אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  101. 4534

    מסמך שלטוניT-S Misc.20.92

    Decree of the caliph al-Ḥākim to the Qaraite community in Fusṭāṭ and elsewhere, granting them administrative independence from the Rabbanites, on the basis of the …

  102. From the beloved slave of God, al-Manṣūr ‘Abū ‘Alī, the ‘imām al-Ḥākim bi-’Amr

  103. Allāh, commander of the faithful, son of the 'imām, al-’Azīz bi-Allāh, commander of the faithful,

  104. to the community of Karaite Jews, in Fusṭāṭ and elsewhere. On account of the

  105. righteous path that the commander of the faithful follows and the just course that he pursues,

  106. he has given instructions for you to be separated from the Rabbanites, due to the cleavage

  107. between you regarding the law and your differences regarding ritually clean

  108. and unclean food.

  109. תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד

    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  110. 4535

    סמי ספרותיT-S K1.150

    Verso and bottom of recto: Amulet(s) for Makārim b. Nujūm to give him charm and grace and to silence his enemies. (Information from CUDL.)

    The slave kisses the ground and reports
  111. to his master (that) his situation is straitened and lowly on account of the burden of his expenses and his family and that the slave

  112. has returned from noble service in the border post of Ascalon, may God, he is exalted, protect it, after

  113. exhibiting vigour and a forceful spirit, obedience to God and obedience

  114. to his master, and (after) his fighting the accursed enemy and the gratitude of the leaders for his service

  115. and energy, and their recognition of the valour that he exhibited ...

  116. תגים

    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  117. 4536

    מסמך משפטיT-S AS 182.291

    Legal query to Muslim jurisconsults regarding the practice of prostration (sujūd) and genuflection (rukūʿ), during the synagogue liturgy. The said practice was customary for the …


    1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
    2. ما يقول السادة الفقها الائمة ائمة الدين وقدوة
    3. المسلمين وفقهم الله الطاعتــــ[ــهــــ]ـــــم واعانهم على مرضاته
    4. في جما‮…
  118. ...What action should be  taken with regard to him
  119. on account of his opposition, if he opposes (the practice). Grant us your opinion,  may God have mercy upon you.
  120. תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  121. 4537

    מסמך שלטוניT-S H15.62

    Petition to the Ayyubid sultan al-ʿĀdil regarding the capitation tax. Dating: ca. 596–615 AH, which is 1200–18 CE. The petitioner asks that his tax rate …


    1. العادلى المظفري [     ]ـي .[سلطان]

    2. جيوش المسلمين وادام قدرته واعلا ابدا كـ[ـلمته] ...

    3. المملوك يقبل الارض امامه وينهى الى

    4. رافته واحسانه‮…

    He is unable [to pay this]
  122. on account of his poverty and destitution. He has Muslim notables [ ]

  123. who can testify to the poverty and destitution of the slave.

  124. תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד


    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  125. 4538

    מסמך משפטיT-S NS J11 + T-S 10J4.16 + T-S 16.158 + T-S 10J4.17

    Legal document. Agency agreement. Location: Fustat. Written in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. T-S 10J4.16: agreement granting Abū l-Riḍā Shelomo b. Mevorakh power of …

    Likewise, also, none of us has a claim upon the
  126. glorious Elder, this Abū al-Riḍā for the original accounting for this merchandise—neither regarding deceit in its purchase nor in raising
  127. the price of the precious objects, nor anything of the like, since all of us have attested before you effective immediately that he need not add
  128. anything.
  129. 4 תעתוקים 2 דיונים


    • 1r
    • 1v
    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  130. 4539

    מסמך שלטוניT-S Ar.41.131

    Petition to the vizier of al-Ẓāfir, Abū l-Ḥasan ʿAlī Ibn al-Salār, regarding a fief worth 5500 dinars and a market worth 1000 faddān that were …


    1. صلوات الله وبركاته ونوامى وافضل تحياته و[سلامه]

    2. ما اخذ لهم من طين اقطاعهم وهو ماية فدان احتوى عليها النايب 

    3. وقد خرجت الاوامر العالية باع‮…

  131. They request the issuing of an exalted ordinance, may God increase its efficacy, to establish a market for their fief

  132. one day a week in place of their (present) market and the return of the aforementioned land to them,

  133. or their compensation with another fief that is registered in the auspicious office of al-'Adil,

  134. on the grounds that these two villages are suitable to be annexed to the district of Minyat Ġamr, on account of the cultivation of sugar cane

  135. and the tilling of (the land) that is the subject of this petition,

  136. as a kindness and benefaction to them.

  137. תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  138. 4540

    מסמך שלטוניCUL Or.1080 J80

    Petition to a Fatimid dignitary regarding a theft of money. The archer Manṣūr b. Zakī al-Dawla (or: Rukn al-Dawla, which seems more likely given al-Maqrīzī's …


    1.                     المملوك 
    2.                     منصور بن زكى الدولة
    3.                      احد الرماة تحت ركابها
    4.                      السعيد
    5.  ‮…
  139. ...A tarsīm was instituted
  140. against the slave on account of the two dinars that Badr took. The tarsim
  141. against him has been in force for a month.
  142. תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד


    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  143. 4541

    מסמך משפטיT-S 13J5.2

    Legal document. Transfer of money to the poor of Jerusalem, 1085 CE. Shelomo b. Hayyim, one of the leaders of the Palestinian Jews, had forwarded …

    1. בשמך רחם
    2. יקול שלמה בן כגק מרנור חיים השביעי בחבורה זצל אן קבצת מן מר
    3. ור עלי הכהן הפרנס הנאמן ביר יהיה נע עשרין דינארא גיאדה עינה ואזנה
    4. נקד מצר מן ג‮…
  144. This sum had been transfered to me on his account by the Rabbanite Jews residing in Jerusalem, the Holy City, after

  145. I had lent them 20 dinars against it.

  146. 3 תעתוקים דיון אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  147. 4542

    מכתבCUL Or.1080 J80

    Verso: Letter from a father, unknown location, to his son Baqāʾ, in Fustat. The letter was sent to the shop of Meshullam/Musallam to be held …

    1. בר
    2. אעלם ולדי ואעז אלכלק עלי וענדי אטאל אללה בקאך
    3. ואדאם עזך וסעאדתך וסלאמתך ען חאל סלאמה
    4. ועאפייה ושוק אליך שדיד גמע אללה בינני(!) עלי
    5. אסר חאל ואנעם ‮…
    A tarsīm was instituted
  148. against the slave on account of the two dinars that Badr took. The tarsīm

  149. against him has been in force for a month.

  150. תעתוק אחד דיון אחד


    • 1v
    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  151. 4543

    מסמך שלטוניT-S K25.214

    Petition from Ṣāliḥ al-Khaybārī, a Jew from the community of Baghdad, to the Fatimid amīr Tāj al-Dawla. In Arabic script. Ṣāliḥ petitions regarding a miserable …


    1. عبده وغلامه صلح الخيبرى البغدادي
    2. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
    3. عبد مولاى الامير تاج الدولة اطال الله بقاه وادام تاييده وعلاىه وكبت حسدته وعداه
    4. رجل‮…

  152. ...Recently he has been brought low by misfortune
  153. on account of a pledge that his slave made in the office of the elder Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn b. Ḥasan,
  154. may God cause his support to endure.
  155. תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד


    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  156. 4544

    מסמך שלטוניT-S Ar.42.158

    State document. Petition to the caliph al-Mustanṣir regarding a murder on a boat. The son of the petitioner was traveling with a young fellow-merchant from …


    1. بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    2. صلوات الله وبركاته ونوامى زكواته وافضل تحياته على مولانا وسيدنا الامام المستنصر بالله

    3. أمير المومنين صلوات الله ‮…

    The slave of my master, the blessings of God be upon him, takes refuge in God,
  157. of exalted name, and in the justice of the prophetic dynasty, on account of the following: He had a son, a man of twenty-three years of age, who travelled

  158. from Sirsinā in a boat, together with a merchant, a young man who was also twenty-three years old.

  159. תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד


    • 1r
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    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  160. 4545

    מכתבT-S 8J24.6

    Fragment of a letter (right margin, top and bottom cut off). First part discusses the plight of a 'humble' cantor and teacher of small children …

    1. ] ופיה אלברכה ויקים
    2. ] יעגב מנך אלדי מא חנית עליה יום כמא. . .יק
    3. ] לא אבעתת לה קט תחפה פכם יריד אלחזאן אלעניו
    4. ] שגל תקים בה והו יריד פצה אלכתאב וכלף‮…
    Do not disappoint his hope, but occupy yourself [with] his [n]eed, for [he] is from a good family. God had [...] against him in his land on account of the affair of the supplier of metal to the mint. He [...] that [...] would not befall him [...] arrived in this country after undergoing hardship and entered the [... th]is dispute, "as when a man flees from a lion (and is attacked by a bear)," (Amos 5:19).

    תעתוק אחד דיון אחד


    • 1r
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  161. 4546

    מסמך משפטיENA NS 16.27

    India Book III,30a: Rental contract for an apartment in Sicily for 40 years, paid in advance, rented by a Jewish woman named Umm al-ʿIzz bt. …

    1. חצרת אלינא נחן אל כאתמין פי הדא אל כתאב אם אל עז בנת זרעה
    2. וקאלת לנא אשהדוא עלי ואקנוא מן ידי מעכשיו בכל לסאן חגה 
    3. ואכתבוא ואכתמוא עלי דלך במא הודא ‮…
  162. ...
  163. Whenever either of us desires to cancel the agreement or believes that he has suffered damages from the other and is not able
  164. to live together with him, he will collect his money, after I settle accounts with him, deducting from the twenty rubā{īs
  165. the amount for the period he shall have dwelled there until the time of the cancellation, at a rate of one-half rubā{ī per year,
  166. just as I have rented to him."
  167. 2 תעתוקים תרגום אחד


    • recto
    • verso
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  168. 4547

    מסמך משפטיT-S NS J401l

    Legal document. In the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. A mother concludes a contract for the teaching of her boy in Arabic. Malīḥa the sister …

    1. שהדותא דהות באנפנא אנן שהדי ד[חתמות ידנא לתחתא כן הוה חצרא אלינא
    2. אלשיך אבו אלפצל כגק מר ור צדוק הז[קן הנכבד בן אלשיך אבו...
    3. כגק מר ור שמריה הזקן הנ‮…

    As to arithmetic, he should master the use of the abacus, the decimals [ ........................ ] and the accounts, not more. It was agreed that the el[der Abu ʾI-Faḍl would receive these 2 dinars] any time he applied for them and that the payment would not be deferred.

    2 תעתוקים דיון אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  169. 4548

    מכתבT-S 10J17.4

    Letter from Yosef b. ʿIwāḍ to Hananel b. Shemuel. Alexandria, probably 1214-1215.

    II, 74

    ב אלממלוך יוסף בן עלאן {עואץ}


    1. יקבל אלארץ בין ידי אלמגלס אלסאמי אלאגלי אלמולוי
    2. ר חננאל החכם והנבון בר כבוד גדולת קדושת מר
    3. ור שמואל ‮…
    The latter wrote a number of letters to the community on my account, hoping I would be provided with something to take back to support my family, which consists of nine souls.

    תעתוק אחד תרגום אחד דיון אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  170. 4549

    מסמך משפטיT-S 16.222

    Lease of a date plantation owned by the Qodesh, ca. 1150 CE. A deed of lease is drawn up by the court, by which a …

    1. [לקנית מעכשיו ברצונו ]קנין גנור חמור בכלי הכשר לקנות בו
    2. בלי אונס כלל בביטול כל מודעין ותנאין אנה קד אסתאגר אלבסתאן אלמדכור מדה תמאניה סנין כואמל אל‮…


    (We acquire from Hiba)

    1. . . . . as a complete and solemn acquisition, with an instrument that is proper to acquire with,

    2. (from now on, with his agreement), without any compulsion, declaring void any declarations or conditions, that he rents the above-mentioned plantation for a period of eight full years

    3. according to the dates mentioned above, their full account being of 88 dinars. He will pay 9 2⁄3 dinars every year, in the month of

    4. Tishri, after 1 2⁄3 dinars have been computed to his credit by monthly payments during the eleven previous months, to the end of his lease.

    2 תעתוקים דיון אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך
  171. 4550

    מכתבT-S 13J13.6

    Letter from the widow of the cantor Ben Nahman to a Head of the Jews (entitled Gaon) concerning the difficulties she is having with her …

    1. אלעבדה זוגה
    2. אלחזאן בן נחמן
    3. אלעבדה תנהי אלי הדרת הגאונות תכן משרתה לנצ[ח
    4. חאלהא הו וולדהא וגועהם ועריהם וכונהא להא אליום
    5. ענד? בין?] אלנאס משתתה ה שהו‮…
    Your slave's brothers are not able to show themselves in public on account of the poll tax. My husband did not pass away and forsake me without having me dwell in the house, sustaining myself and my son with whatever else comes from rental income.

    2 תעתוקים דיון אחד


    • 1r
    • 1v
    הצגת פרטי מסמך