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    Legal documentT-S 8J18.9

    Document containing mostly signatures, above a few lines of faded text. Signed by Ezekiel b. Avraham, Shemarya b. Shelomo, Shelomo b. Thabit, Avraham b. Farrah, …

    1. שלמה בר מנחם ננ
    2. יחזקאל בר אברהם סט שמריה בר שלמה
    3. שלמה בר תאבת
    4. י]פת(?) המלמד בר חיים נע אברהם בר פרח ננ

    י ג ד ל

    1. צדקה בר יוסף יהודה בן יצחק ננ


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    Legal documentBodl. MS heb. c 13/22

    Witness statement given on 25 April 1028. Mubārak b. Hiba, a beadle of the Babylonian community in Fustat, declares that he had caught a man …

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    Legal documentBodl. MS heb. a 2/2

    Marriage contract. Location: Barqa (Libya). Dated: Thursday 5 Elul 4750 AM, which is 28 August 990 CE. The contract explicitly states that it follows the …

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