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    List or tableENA NS 48.21

    Note concerning the wages of the teacher Abū Isḥāq for four weeks (Teruma through Vayaqhel). Each week he taught 3 boys and earned 1.5 dirhams.

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    LetterT-S NS 324.51

    Verso (original use): Letter from Mūsā, probably addressed to Shelomo. Asking the addressee's help in doing something on Sunday. Recto (secondary use): Letter from Shelomo …

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    Legal documentBodl. MS heb. d 62/119

    Legal query addressed to Yiṣḥaq b. Sasson ha-Dayyan, with his responsum and signature. Concerning an upstanding man whose only trade is teaching Torah but who …

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    LetterT-S 10J12.8

    Letter from the teacher Abū l-Khayr, in Minyat Zifta to his brother Abū Naṣr Maḥfūẓ, the brother-in-law of Abū l-Bishr(?) Ibn al-Abzārī(?), in Darb al-Dahhān, …

    1. בשמ רחמ
    2. כתאבי אליך יאכי ואלעזיז עלי וענדי אטאל אללה
    3. בקאך ואד/א/ם עזך וסלאמתך ומן שוק אליך שדיד גמע
    4. אללה ב/י/ננא עלי אסר חאל במנה וכרמה אנה ולי דלך
    5. ו…

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