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    LetterT-S 12.334

    Letter fragment (missing the upper right corner), mercantile, from someone to "my maternal uncle [...] Avraham b. Salih b. [...]," probably 11th century. The writer …

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    LetterHalper 397

    Letter from ʿEli ha-Kohen b. Yeḥezqel, Jerusalem, to ʿEli ha-Kohen b. Ḥayyim, Fustat. Dating: ca. 1060. The address says the letter should be delivered to …

    1. כתאבי אטאל אללה בקא מולאי אלכהן אלפרנאס ואדאם עזה ותאידה מן אלקודס

    מוסתהל אב האים יהפוך

    1. אבלו לששון וקד עלם אללה יאסידי שוקי אלי מולאי וכאן קד וצלנ…

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    LetterCUL Or.1080 5.6

    Letter in Hebrew (peppered with Arabic, Turkish, and Italian), addressed to two unnamed merchants (one the uncle of the writer), written almost certainly in Alexandria …

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