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    LetterT-S 6J6.18

    Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. In a rudimentary hand. This is the second or final page of what was originally a longer letter. There is an unusual …

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    State documentBodl. MS Heb. d 66/13

    State document, probably a letter of official correspondence, in Arabic script. Sent by an official with the title ʿĀzim al-Dawla. An order from al-Ḥaḍra al-Majīdiyya …

    1. ومملوكه الامير عازم الدولة
    2. ومملوكه الامير عازم الدولة اعزها الله
    3. ومملوكه سعيد بن لا…
    4. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    5. لست نسأل في مودة الشيخ السيد اطال الله ب…


    1. al-Amīr ʿĀzim al-Dawla and his slave Saʿīd b……

    2. In the name of God the most merciful

    3. I do not doubt the love of al-Shaykh al-Sayyid, may G…

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    LetterCUL Or.1081 J2

    Mercantile letter sent possibly from Aden to India. In Judaeo-Arabic. Fragment (lower part of recto). The sender received a basket (zanbīl) of pepper which he …

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    LetterT-S 16.179

    Letter from Labrāṭ b. Moshe b. Sughmār, in al-Mahdiyya, to his brother Yehuda, in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: January 9 (12 Shevat), 1058 CE (Gil) …


    1. על שמך

    2. כתבת אטאל אללה בקא אכי ושקיק רוחי ועזיז נפסי ואדאם חראסתה וחמאיתה

    3. וכפאיתה ונעמאה וחסן עקבאה מן אלמהדיה ליב כלון מן שבט ערפה אללה ב…

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