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    State documentT-S K25.32

    Petition or report concerning a government official (Mutawallī al-Sayyāra) named Samyūn (سميون), likely a Christian.The document was cut into two or more pieces and rearranged …

    1. ]بابن عتيق الفكاة انه اتا في اليل الى دار

    2. سميون العبد متولي السيارة وهو على حاله وسميون غائب فشتمه

    3. وشتم غيره لمن ذكر[]لقدر صاحب عنده انه ذكر[

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    List or tableT-S NS 338.40

    Distribution list for public charity. In Judaeo-Arabic, transitioning to Arabic script on verso. Dating: Perhaps ca. 13th century, but that is a guess. There are …

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