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    LetterT-S Ar.42.130

    Letter from Ṣamṣām, a prisoner in Nāblus, to al-Qāʾid Muʿizz (according to the body of the letter) or to the heirs of Ṣārim al-Dawla, in …


    1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
    2. اعرف [القائد معز] حفظه الله ورعاه وحفظه وتولاه ولا
    3. [............. وجعلني] من الاسواء فداءه انني قد انقطع اخباركم عني 


    1. Au nom de Dieu clément et miséricordieux.

    2. Je fais savoir (au qâ'id Mu'izz), Dieu le protège et l'ait sous sa garde et en son amitié et ne

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    LetterT-S Misc.11.55

    Recto and verso are both late family letters in Judaeo-Arabic by the same writer, perhaps to different recipients. The writer goes into great detail about …

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