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    State documentENA 3974.3 + Bodl. MS heb. b. 18/23

    Two petitions to the Fatimid ruler Sitt al-Mulk. Dating (Rustow): 411–14/1021–24. The Bodleian petition is from an official of a congregational mosque, perhaps the chief …

    Recto - tarjama

    1. عبدها يحيى بن الحسن من ناحية< >


    1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    2. اعلم مولاتنا السيدة خلد الله ملكَها وثبت عزها ببقا مولانا وسيدنا 
    3. ال…

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    State documentENA 684.2

    Decree to a lower official commanding him to retrieve bricks and everything belonging to the government from a certain location (a ruined mosque?); and from …

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