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    Legal documentT-S AS 216.213

    Legal fragment in the hand of Halfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi. Concerning work on a large furnace (al-kūr al-kabīr). Mentions 140 pounds; 12 dirhams; a wage …

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    Legal documentT-S 13J1.13

    Legal document. One of three copies (T-S 12.580 is another). Location: Fustat. Dated: Adar 1368 Seleucid, which is February/March 1057 CE. In which Ṭoviyya b. …

    נעשו כאן השלמות עניניות אחדות. בעשר השורות הראשונות נקרעה המחצית


    [עדות שהיתה בפנינו אנו החתומים על הכתב]

    1. הזה איך טוביה הלוי בר סה[ל קאל לנא…

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    State documentBL OR 5557B.17

    Contract of lease for an irrigation channel on the jazīra of Fustat (the Nile island later known as Rawḍa). Dated: 18 (or maybe 28?) Shawwāl …

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