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    State documentHalper 354

    Testimony in Arabic script probably meant to accompany an investiture petition from the gaʾon Shelomo b. Yehuda to the newly appointed caliph al-Mustanṣir billāh, listing …


    1. [ بعد ما التمسوا]جميعا وفرادا
    2. [ ان يشهدوا هذه الشهاده قال كل]منهم من كتب شهادته بخطه
    3. [ فى اخر هذا الكتاب ان ا]لذى عرفوه وعقلوه ويشهدوا
    4. [ به فى…
    1. (Having been requested,) we, all together and each separately, 

    2. (to deliver this testimony,) namely all those writing their witness and signing 

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    State documentCUL Or.1080 J7

    Petition to the caliph al-Mustansir concerning the schism of 1038–42 between Shelomo b. Yehuda, the gaʾon of Palestine, and a pretender to the gaonate, Natan …

    Verso, upside-down relative to Hebrew text

    1. بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم العبيد ينهوا الى الموقف الشريف  زاد الله شرف حالهم وذلك ان لما

    2. جرى على ريسهم …

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