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    List or tableENA 3778.4

    Accounts of what Hārūn al-Jābī has collected. In Judaeo-Arabic.

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    List or tableBodl. MS heb. f 102/49

    A few words in Arabic script mentioning Bū l-Faraj al-Jābī and ʿindahu and some Greek/Coptic numerals.

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    LetterT-S NS J3

    Letter from Yūsuf, in Alexandria, to family members, probably in Fustat. The letter is addressed to the shop of Abū [...] al-ʿAṭṭār. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: …


    1. ... אטאל אללה בקאכם ואדאם ע[זכם]...
    2. ...כם ושוקי אליכם שדיד קרב אללה אלאגתמ[אע]...
    3. [עלי] אסר חאל במנה וכרמה אנה קאדר עלי דלך במשיתה ומ...
    4. [אעל…

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