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    State documentMoss. VII,10.1

    Verso (original use): Fragment from a Fatimid decree of investiture for Abū l-Bayān Mūsā and another person, appointed rightfully (بما يقتضيه العدل ويوجبه الحق) to …

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    State documentHalper 354

    Testimony in Arabic script probably meant to accompany an investiture petition from the gaʾon Shelomo b. Yehuda to the newly appointed caliph al-Mustanṣir billāh, listing …


    1. [ بعد ما التمسوا]جميعا وفرادا
    2. [ ان يشهدوا هذه الشهاده قال كل]منهم من كتب شهادته بخطه
    3. [ فى اخر هذا الكتاب ان ا]لذى عرفوه وعقلوه ويشهدوا
    4. [ به فى…
    1. (Having been requested,) we, all together and each separately, 

    2. (to deliver this testimony,) namely all those writing their witness and signing 

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    State documentENA 4020.65

    Petition from Shelomo b. Yehuda to the caliph al-Ẓāhir (matn only) defending his position against Yūsuf al-Sijilmasi, the Iraqi leader in Palestine. Dating: original document …

    1. ואלדי קצד אלדאעי בכניסתין וריאסתין ן
    2. אלסגל מאסי לאנהו אדא גאז אן תכון ריאסתין גאז אן תכון
    3. תלאתה ואכתר מן /דלך/ וודא דלך אלא מא לא (נ)האיה לה מן אלפת…


    1. And as far as the argument in favor of the two synagogues and the two authorities is concerned, (it has already been refuted by) Ibn

    2. Sijilm…

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