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    LetterENA NS 22.6

    Left side of a letter concerning a slanderous woman (al-Shāmiyya) who is always insulting people and her two daughters, one of whom is the wife …

    1. ] ל אללה בקאהא ואדאם עזהא . .ואהא
    2. ]מן בית אבו עלי בן אלכהן ומן בנתהא זוגה
    3. ]. . ואצל דלך אן גאת [[אלי בי]] אלשאמיה אמראה
    4. ] תדכר אגלא אלנאס באלקביח וא…

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    Legal documentENA 3924.1

    Muslim legal query with responsum (fatwā). The query concerns a young Jewish man who insulted a venerable Jewish rabbi (...ḥākhān ʿālim al-yahūdī...) by calling him …

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    LetterBL OR 5566B.1

    Family letter. In Arabic script. Maybe from a man in serious trouble with his wife, writing to his son who appeased or reached a settlement …


    1. ما(؟) حيث(؟) صالحت ستك السحاقة الذي ما رضيت مجي[ء] اليك حتى

    2. انفذت تسالها وسالتها قبحت عليها ست علم وغيرها يصوم (؟) تحتا . (؟)

    3. انفذ لنا فض…

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