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    State documentT-S Ar.39.391

    Petition to the Fatimid vizier Al-ʿAbbās requesting an allowance in grain to be paid to the petitioner in yearly installments. Dating: 548–49/1153–54. (Information from CUDL.) …


    1. الافضلى السيفى الناصرى ا[لــ]ـكافل لقضاة المسلميـ[ـن الهادى]

    2. لدعاة المومنين عضد الله به الدين وامتع بطول بـ[ـقائه امير المومنين] 

    3. وادام ق…


    1. al-’Afḍal, sword of Islam, the defender, the protector of the judges of the Muslims [and the guide]

    2. of the dā‘īs of the believers, may God…

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