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    LetterT-S 12.34

    Letter from the schoolmaster Natan b. Shemuel, in a small town, to his brother Abū l-Ḥasan, in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic, with the address in Arabic …

    1. עבדהא ואכיהא נתן ביר שמואל זלהה
    2. אעלם אכי אלעזיז עלי וענדי געלת מן כל סו פדאה אעל . עלי
    3. בעץ שוקי אליה ואלי מן תחוטה ענאיתה וגיר דלך סירת לך עדה
    4. כתב ו…

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    LetterENA NS 7.43

    Letter of appeal from a woman whose husband had abandoned her with Muslims. "In this fragmentary letter a woman bitterly describes her marital misfortunes. Her …


    1. [...] the sick [...] of the bereavement and the illness 

    2. [...] news. Joseph was there 

    3. [...] told me, “Cut your hair and ransom yourself”…

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