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    LetterENA NS 58.24

    Letter from a brother (probably) to a sister. in Judaeo-Arabic. Meditating on suffering and isolation and distance and "the fear due to this matter is …

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    Literary textENA 3982.49–50

    Medical treatise in Arabic script. "If the yellow bile burns, a strong fright ensues. . . the cure of phrenitis (birsām) is. . . "

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    LetterT-S 13J13.30

    Petition from a woman to the Nagid Shemuel b. Ḥananya. Location: Fustat. Dating: 1140–59 CE. "'I am a 'cut-off' (munqaṭiʿa) woman and I do not …

    ‏ בש רח אלשער הנגידות תכון משרתו לנצח ‎ 1
    ‏ ליקר הדרת יקרת הנגידות צפירת ת…

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    State documentT-S Ar.41.49

    Petition from a group of people to a chief vizier (Sayyid al-Wuzarāʾ) titled "al-Kāmilī." In Arabic script. Fragment (upper half only). The petitioners complain that …

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    LetterHalper 389

    Letter from Salāma b. Mūsā of Sfax, in Mazar, Sicily, to his partner Yehuda b. Moshe b. Sughmār, in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. The longest letter …

    ‏ סידי ומולאי אטאל אללה בקאה ואדאם סלאמתה וסעאדתה ונעמאה כתאבי אליך מן מאזר לז בקין מן אלול ען סלאמה ונעמה ‎ 1
    ‏ נשכר אללה תעאלי אסאלה אלמזיד מן כל …

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