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    LetterBodl. MS heb. b 3/21

    A letter from Faraḥ b. Ismaʿīl, probably in Fustat, to his father Ismaʿīl b. Faraḥ in Alexandria. Ca. 1057. Faraḥ b. Ismaʿīl writes that he …

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    LetterENA NS I.21

    Letter from an unknown sender to Yosef b. ʿEli Kohen Fāsī, ca. 1060. The sender confirms receiving a pouch of dinars and writes about his …

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    LetterDK 322 (alt: 14)

    Business letter from Abū al-Surūr b. David (al-Mahdiyya) to his cousin Abū al-Afrāḥ ʿArūs b. Yosef (Fustat), ca. 1095. The writer sent to the recipient …


    1. חצרה מולאי אלשיך אלאגל צאנה אללה מן אלאסוא כלהא ואכתרה מן אל

    2. נעם באגלהא וחבאה מן אלעאפיה באגמלהא ותוחדה במא לא ת[ב]ל[ג]ה אל

    3. דעא אליה ולא …

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    List or tableT-S Misc.28.29

    Shipping certificate from Nahray b. Nissim probably to Moshe b. Yahya al-Majani. Around 1065. Detailed the coins that were in a coin packet. Verso: Details …

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