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    State documentT-S 10J7.7

    Fatimid state report from a government official: "The deceased was an employee in the western caravan. He returned and lost his mind in the course …


    1. عبده ومملوكه
    2. المتوفى كان مستخدما فى السيارة الغربية
    3. وعاد وفل عنه فى اغضان سنة خمس واربعمائة
    4. وسقط بالوفاة ولم يقبض شيا من واجباته
    5. [            …

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    LetterF 1908.44UU

    Letter from Nissim, in Qaṭya, Sinai, to Shelomo Iskandarānī, in Fustat. In Hebrew. Dating: First half of the 16th century, based on Avraham David's assessment. …

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    LetterCUL Or.1080 J75

    Letter in Judaeo-Arabic, with the address in Arabic script. The handwriting is very likely that of Mūsā b. Yaʿqūb/Moshe b. Yaʿaqov writing from somewhere in …

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