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    Legal documentT-S 13J6.10

    Legal document recording acknowledgement, made through a Muslim notary, for the granting of a loan by a beadle of an Iraqi synagogue in Fustat, Eli …

    1. שהדותא דהות באנפנא אנן ש[הדי דח]תמות ידנא לתחתא כן הוה חצר
    2. אלינא [ ] מ ור יאיר השופט הנדיב פאר
    3. הקהל נע וקאל לנא אשהדו עלי וא[קנו מנ]י מ[ע]כשו ואכתבו…

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    Legal documentBodl. MS heb. c 13/22

    Witness statement given on 25 April 1028. Mubārak b. Hiba, a beadle of the Babylonian community in Fustat, declares that he had caught a man …

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    List or tableJRL SERIES C 36

    Accounts in Judaeo-Arabic on a bifolium in which the name Yaʿacov Ventura is mentioned at least three times across the recto and verso. Based on …

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