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    LetterJRL SERIES A 1800

    Informal note addressed to 'the father.' In Judaeo-Arabic. Asking him to send with the bearer the 100 dirhams that are with Maymūn for the construction …

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    Legal documentT-S AS 178.335

    Deed of sale of a property. Many landmarks and characteristics are described.

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    Legal documentT-S Ar.38.57

    Legal document. In Arabic script. Describes various architectural elements of a house: the living room (majlis), the guesthouse (dār al-ḍiyāfa), the wind catcher (al-bādhanj). Signed …

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    Legal documentT-S NS 323.38

    Legal document in the hand of Yosef b. Shemuel b. Seʿadya ha-Levi. Dating: Mentions Tishrei 1520 Seleucid, which is 1208 CE. Abū l-ʿIzz acknowledges receipt …

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    LetterAIU XII.150

    Two unrelated fragments. The first is a two-sided fragment of a bifolium of an Arabic medical treatise. The second has three lines in Arabic, probably …

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    Legal documentBodl. MS heb. d 68/100

    Account and agreement between the Qodesh and a partner, ca. 1156. A certain al-Nadiv, otherwise known as the perfume maker, tenant of a compound partly …

    1. אלדי דכרו מואלי אלשיוך אנהם
    2. תחאסבו מע אלנדיב פאכרג
    3. אלחסאב אן אלפאצל לה
    4. אלי נהאיה שעבאן פי אל
    1. [[נאיב]] //עלי// אלקדש מנהא עינא
    1. ארבעה שהור אכרהא ד…

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    List or tableENA 2808.63

    Account of the Qodesh: building expenditures, ca. 1040. List of expenses, beautifully written by Yefet b. David b. Shekhanya. Materials for the construction of a …

    Gil, Documents, pp. 187-188 Doc. #18, ENA 2808, f. 63Building expenditures ca. 1040SH [10-24-86]

    1. דרהם תמן סבעה חזם שועב ארבעה עשר דר תמן חזמ[ה]
    2. חבל …

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    List or tableT-S J1.47

    Account of the qodesh ca. 1234. This is a double leaf from a notebook, containing four columns of items. Both revenue from rent and building …

    1. תסקיע אלרבע ראבע אייר [ ]
    2. רגב סנה אלתר שנת אתקמה
    3. אבו אסחאק אלגזולי כרא ביתה
    4. סכן רבי אברהם אלמגרבי 10
    5. אלמקבוץ מן אלנצארא מן אלמתולי
    6. וען חסאב 11
    7. ודלך …

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