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    LetterBodl. MS heb. d 68/107

    Calligraphic letter from (the cantor) Thabit b. al-Munajjim to Maṣliaḥ Gaon begging for charity from Maṣliaḥ Gaon, complaining about poverty and his dependents. Information from …

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    LetterENA 2806.9

    Letter from Masliaḥ Gaʾon. Dating: ca. 1120 CE (unclear on what basis). Containing his genealogy at the beginning.

    ENA 2806, f.9 ed. Gil, Palestine, Pt. 2, pp. 10-11 (Doc. #6) Genealogical list at beginning of letter from Masliah Ha-Kohen Gaon ca. 1120. SH [11-9-8…

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    LetterDK 237.1 (alt: 237/A, I, XXI, XXVIII)

    Letter from Meʾir b. ʿEli ha-Kohen, in Damascus (חדרך סוריא), to his brother Ṭoviyya b. ʿEli, in Fustat. Dating: beginning of September 1127 CE. The …

    1. בש רח
    2. וצל כתאבך יאכי ואעז אלנאס אלי וקראתה
    3. ופהמת מצמונה ושכרנא אלכאלק יתברך
    4. שמו עלי עאפיתך יודו ליי חסדו ובריך רחמ דיהבך
    5. ומא נחן ברחמי אהינו אלא סאר…

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