Legal document: T-S AS 150.206

Legal document T-S AS 150.206


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Legal document issued by a beit din likely under the direction of Rabbi David Ibn Abi Zimra (lived 1479-1573CE). In Hebrew. Dated: 10 of Adar (or Av?) 5292 AM, which in either case is 1532 CE. The document involves Avraham Castro who appoints Rabbi David Ibn Abi Zimra to pursue the issuance of a get for his daughter from the hand of her husband Naftali b. Ṣadaqa. Signed by Shemuel ha-Levi [b. Moshe Hakim] and Natan ha-Sofer [b. Abraham]. Information from edition in Dotan Arad's dissertation (p. 351) where this shelfmark is reconstructed with its join T-S AS 150.107. MCD.