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    رسالةDK 333 (alt: 18)

    Letter from Ḥayyim he-ḥaver b. Shelomo/Salāma, Jerusalem, to Yiṣḥaq b. Yaʿaqov he-ḥaver, Fustat, regarding a debt owed to the latter from someone named Thābit who …


    1. כתאב אלי סידי אבי אלפרג הבה אלכוהן חרסה אללה
    2. תוצלה אליה ואן כאן פי אלריף תתפצל תנפדה
    3. אליה ולא תוכר כתאבך עני בגמיע מא תותרה
    4. ולעל יסאעדך סידי...


    1. I am writing to you, my lord and master, may God prolong your existence and make eternal your glory, from
    2. al-Quds (Jerusalem), may God rebui...

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    وثيقة رسميّةT-S Ar.39.481

    Recto: Chancery excercises. The basmala appears twice, and one line begins, "Qāla Amīr al-Muʾminīn..." Verso: State document, Fatimid. Opens with a reference to an employee …

    لا توجد ثبت المراجع والمصادر


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    ثيقة شرعيّةT-S Ar.41.99

    Quittance granted by [...] bt. ʿAbdallāh al-Rummānī to Abū l-Faraj Sulaymān b. Hārūn al-Khaybarī known as Ibn al-Sulūkī (?), an official in the treasury (kātib …

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    وثيقة رسميّةT-S AS 124.135

    Fragment of a petition from a woman, in Arabic script. She complains about her poverty and the vicissitudes of fate, but it seems she has …

    لا توجد ثبت المراجع والمصادر


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