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    رسالةT-S K3.26

    Recto: Letter addressed to Eliyyahu the Judge. In Judaeo-Arabic. This is a letter of recommendation for the bearer, a Persian man (ʿajamī), who is suffering …

    لا توجد ثبت المراجع والمصادر


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    عرض تفاصيل المستند
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    رسالةCUL Or.1080 J31

    Letter from a man from the land of the Persians, who, after the loss of his fortune, had come to Egypt to seek a post …


    "For the Lord will be your trust; He will keep your feet from being caught"(Proverbs 3:26). 

    "The Lord will guard you from all harm; He will ...

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    عرض تفاصيل المستند