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    ثيقة شرعيّةENA 2741.7

    Legal document. Location: Fustat. Dating: Probably 1082 CE. The approximate time period is established by the mention of Yaʾir ha-Nadiv Peʾer ha-Qahal, who also appears …

    لا توجد ثبت المراجع والمصادر


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    عرض تفاصيل المستند
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    ثيقة شرعيّةT-S NS J174

    Legal document(s). Dating: Possibly 1168 CE, based on the fact that the document was written shortly after the pillage/burning of Fustat (nahb/nawba/ḥarīq Fusṭāṭ). On recto, …

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    عرض تفاصيل المستند