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    ثيقة شرعيّةT-S 13J3.4

    Court record regulating the inheritance of the estate left behind by a Jewish merchant who drowned at sea near Alexandria. His estate was transferred to …


    1. [ ] דחתימין [ ]ש לתחתא בכתבא דנן ען ה[ ]
    2. למא וצל אלתוקיע אלעאל זאדה אללה שרפא ועלוא פי מא תכץ בתרכה יוסף בר שמואל דיד[יע].
    3. בן צבאח אלדי גרק ...

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    عرض تفاصيل المستند
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    رسالةT-S K25.189

    Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. In a lovely hand; the same scribe seems to have reused numerous Arabic-script documents for literary/liturgical text (see Joins Suggestions). This letter …

    لا توجد ثبت المراجع والمصادر


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