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    قائمة/جدولT-S Ar.30.28

    Account recording the receipt of various consignments of dates measured in wayba and irdabb. Some entries have been crossed through. People mentioned include al-Wakīl al-Kabīr; …

    لا توجد ثبت المراجع والمصادر


    عرض تفاصيل المستند
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    رسالةAIU XII.48

    Business letter or official correspondence in Arabic script. Dating: 11th or 12th century (paleographic dating). Written in a chancery hand with very large space between …


    1. فاما ما اتمنته في معنى التمر والصباغ [------]ـين

    2. صحبة المندوبين عليهما فمنها صح بلا عنبار

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    عرض تفاصيل المستند