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    رسالةT-S NS 110.26

    Blessings on the Fatimid caliph al-Āmir bi-aḥkām Allāh (1101-31 CE) and on the Gaon Masliah b. Shelomo ha-Kohen, head of the Jerusalem Yeshiva, which then …

    TS NS Box 110, f. 26 + Mosseri L 62, ed. S. D. Goitein, "Prayers from the Geniza for Fatimid Caliphs, the head of Jerusalem Yeshiva, the Jewish com...

    1. In (Your name, o) Me(rciful). 
    2. And we pray for the life of our lord, the g(reat) k(ing), //
    3. the prince of the sons of Kedar, our master and lord, ...

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    وثيقة رسميّةENA NS 18.26

    Response to a letter of complaint concerning taxation of the Jews of Tiberias. The letter refers to a sijill mukarram (noble decree) of the caliph …



    1. واصلنا الشكوى فيما نفعنا معه [
    2. وورد السجل المكرم من الحضرة المجيدة يذكر فيه ما
    3. انهاه سباع بن فرج اليهودي من حال اليهود الذمة
    4. بطبرية وان ...

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    وثيقة رسميّةT-S 13J8.27

    Report to a vizier of al-Ḥāfiẓ from a military official. The sender refers to previous petitions, and also makes a new request for a rescript. …


    1. [              ] ولما وصل الارتفاع المتوج بالعلامة ا[لشريفة                                        ]
    2. [              ] على ظهر كتاب متولى الت...
    1. [ ] When the gross receipts headed with the [noble] motto arrived [ ]

    2. [ ] on the verso of the document of the director of stipends, the footsol...

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    وثيقة رسميّةENA 684.2

    Decree to a lower official commanding him to retrieve bricks and everything belonging to the government from a certain location (a ruined mosque?); and from …

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